Rugby Borough Council invests in RentSense

Rugby Borough Council has invested in Mobysoft’s RentSense software solution to help efficiently target their arrears cases and give them more time to support their most vulnerable tenants

Prior to the pandemic Rugby were implementing a new HMS system, but the council was concerned that welfare reform and staffing constraints could impact their ability to collect rent and support tenants, which prompted their investment, as Raj Chand, Head of Communities and Homes for Rugby explains:

“RentSense will give us the intelligence needed to efficiently target our arrears cases and also assist in effective management of those cases providing us with the time needed to support our most vulnerable. It will also provide efficiencies compared to the FTE staffing levels we would need to employ to effectively case manage debt.”

Prior to investing Rugby spoke with several peers about their experiences of working with Mobysoft and using RentSense, as Raj explains:

Other (housing) providers we spoke to all said that their arrears had reduced significantly. They all also commented that the support on offer from Mobysoft was excellent, and implementation of RentSense straightforward.”

Raj Chand, Rugby Borough Council

The onset of the pandemic has affected the council with arrears rising, however staff have worked tirelessly to support those who have been impacted. The investment in RentSense is well timed in that it will help pinpoint tenants that need support at the right time.

“We are looking to working with Rentsense which will help us to identify and target those tenants most at risk of falling into arrears,” concluded Raj.

“It’s great to be working with another local authority in the Midlands. We look forward to deploying RentSense at Rugby and working with the team to help them meet their investment objectives,” commented Paul Evans, Director at Mobysoft.

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