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Housing and income officers can instantly see which tenants should be treated as Priority One. They can also see which algorithmic rule has triggered the alert, and the level of arrears involved. RentSense literally prioritises the Income Officer’s day for them, giving individuals more time to focus on how best to engage with the tenant in question.
A win-win again.


Early intervention delivers mutual benefits

The old saying that “a stitch in time saves nine” holds true in the world of rent arrears. The real power of RentSense is that it make the need for early intervention visible and obvious.

Our customers tell us that, by intervening early, they not only improve their overall rent collection performance, but also – more importantly – help more tenants to face their financial challenges and to navigate a way through them. Yet another win-win.

What our customers say about early intervention

East Suffolk Council – Samantha Shimmon

Whiteinch and Scotstoun HA – Alan Clark

Vivid – Tammy Roux

Connect Housing Association – Ilyas Lunat

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The sector’s leading and only predictive analytical arrears solution, helping landlords to improve performance and help their tenants

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Our flagship product, RentSense, helps social landlords of all sizes to optimise their rent
collections operations, whilst also empowering their people to work more effectively.

What our customers say

The team love the early intervention cases, where accounts are in credit but Housing Benefit has stopped or been reduced, for example. They’re able to be proactive and prevent tenants falling into arrears and get remedies in before it’s too late.
Samantha Shimmon
East Suffolk Council

RentSense had an immediate impact on volume of work. Our HMS was prompting more than double the cases that RentSense was. In addition, we realised the HMS was not recognising about 2,000 accounts that needed action.
Alex Nagle

RentSense makes it easy to monitor Universal Credit cases and prompts actions at the right time.
Becky Hayward
Gloucester City Homes

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