Success is about more than income

CSMs often also involve others Mobysoft experts.  Our Income Maximisation Directors are all ex-housing professionals.  They work with individual customers as a “critical friend”, advising on performance, policy, process and approaches to tenant support that all combine to help improve the income collection and the organisation inside and out.

They understand that, for social landlords, success is not only about hitting financial goals, although these matter.  There are other KPIs and other types of success:


Success is about effectiveness of many kinds

We help the organisations we work with to get the most out of RentSense. We help to liberate case officers from repetitive tasks, so that they have more time for tenant interaction and support.  We work with our customers to improve the service that they offer tenants, as well as on other tenant-focused metrics, such as fewer tenants in debt and more sustained tenancies via early intervention.


Constant improvement

We meet with customers regularly and review performance. Ours is a culture of constant improvement and transparency, and we work with our customers to deliver constant improvements for them also.


Ongoing training

When you partner with Mobysoft, we offer initial training to all RentSense users.  Thereafter, we offer ongoing training for new starters, and special training to explain new functionality.

RentSense is an exceptionally easy system to use, resulting in high levels of user acceptance.  Our aim not only to get individuals using the system, but also to ensure that they get the most they can from it, in terms of their own performance.  As a result,  most income officers using RentSense complete their caseload, week-in, week-out.

What our customers say about helping them succeed

The customer service is second to none, they have also provided best practice webinars which have been really informative and given us new ideas. RentSense more than delivers on the business case in terms of capacity release, but also it has helped reduce arrears and keep more tenants out of debt.
Samantha Shimmon
East Suffolk Council

Connect’s Client Success Manager is good to work with and the regular meetings we have are very useful. It shows how we are performing, and we analyse reports that shine a light on performance.
Ilyas Lunat
Connect Housing Association

We have really benefited from Mobysoft’s Income Maximisation service and RentSense. It helped the team understand the mechanics of the system, and it brought that outside perspective and experience.
Amanda Nicholls
Teign Housing Association

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