Our beginnings

Mobysoft was founded in 2003. We began by delivering SMS solutions to a wide range of clients. By 2006, we had taken the decision to work with solely social landlords, helping them reach and support their customers.

By 2006, we had taken the decision to focus on social housing, as we could see that SMS technology could help social landlords to improve their income-collection processes, for the good of all involved. A small, well-timed reminder on a mobile phone made a big difference to outcomes for all parties.


Technology as a win-win-win

By 2011, we’d begun work on the product that would later become RentSense. This product sums up our belief in technology for good.  

Today, RentSense is a proven win-win-win proposition, adopted as an industry standard solution by over 170 social housing organisations across the UK: 

Win Win Win

Better financial performance as regards the arrears collection process.
Landlord Win

Ways to give staff more time contacting and assisting tenants facing difficulties.
Staff Win

Better outcomes for tenants via early intervention, support and advice.
Tenant Win

Algorithms and predictive analytics

Today, we are experts in the technologies that lie behind RentSense.  We understand the power of data – especially large amounts of non-intrusive transactional data – to predict what comes next in terms of an individual’s behaviour.  We are experts in the creation of algorithms, the complex rules that prioritise, sift, filter and predict.

By 2012, we’d begun work on the product that would later become RentSense. This product sums up our belief in technology for good.

We’ve looked at the way that banks use algorithms to predict bad debt and fraud, and we’ve put this knowledge to good use in the social housing sector.

Our Team


Our technology

It’s our cutting-edge technology stack that stands us apart, along with the team responsible for making sure we stay ahead, so our customers can stay ahead.

Mobysoft are pioneers of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, predictive analytics and complex algorithms in the social housing tech sector. It is an ideal place to work at a fast moving, agile tech company.


Over the last few years Mobysoft has won and been shortlisted for many awards, here are just a few of them

Our core values


We address challenges together, and we know the best way of succeeding is supporting one another, and we celebrate our success together.


We learn from the past to improve in the future and will be better this year than last. We aim to set the bar for excellence for teams and individuals.


We are supportive, humble and friendly. We hold ourselves accountable, and confident to admit mistakes and seek support. We treat everyone the way we wish to be treated.

Driven to succeed

We believe there is always a solution. We agree ambitious objectives and have regular coaching sessions to keep on track. We’re decisive with a will to win.

Customer centric

We agree measurable outcomes with the customer and are tenancious about delivering them. We strive so our customers succeed and we recognise their perspective whatever our role.


Join us

Would you like to find out more about working with us? If you are keen to work for a successful and growing business that at the same helps deliver good to society then please get in touch.