Product in Action

FTA Essentials helps landlords seamlessly manage and minimise their former tenants arrears. It tracks  arrangements, and presents an accurate and prioritised caseload for officers, vastly reducing their workload. By organising former tenant data and that of current tenants who have submitted notice of termination, the platform determines contact based on customer configuration and patches. The algorithmic ruleset then presents only the cases that need action in priority order, assigned to the correct patch, identifying why contact is required. 


Reporting & Insights

FTA Essentials also comes with Power BI dashboard reporting embedded into the product. This means that managers can analyse case completions, cases, debt levels and patch, team performance and more. It also makes setting goals easy and straightforward and offers a simple way of monitoring how the team perform against them.  



FTA Essentials implementation is swift and seamless, thanks to its cloud-based nature. We tailor the module to fit your infrastructure and data sources, minimising demands on your IT team. FTA Essentials can connect to multiple HMS at once and it takes no more than a few hours to link to an existing system and set up the necessary data feeds and links. We understand that data security is paramount and so all transfers are encrypted over a secure line.


Support & Customer Success

Our dedicated support and customer success team at Mobysoft is committed to enhancing your financial KPIs, staff effectiveness, and tenant relationships. You’ll have a customer success manager (CSM) and an account director by your side, along with our income maximisation directors who bring housing expertise. All our focus is on helping you maximise your investment in Mobysoft’s solutions so you can deliver improved services and performance.

What our customers say about us

The team really enjoy working with Mobysoft’s FTA Manager, it is easy to use and prioritises their cases, and there is no additional reporting or filtering required. It has also helped improve team morale, with the much reduced caseload the team now have clear targets that they can achieve.
Daisy Reeves

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