Product in Action

RentSense enhances income collection operations. It eliminates the guesswork for housing and income officers, clearly signaling which actions, involving which tenants, will be most effective from a financial perspective. By harnessing the latest AI technology and the sector’s largest arrears dataset, RentSense rent arrears software allows officers to swiftly identify those tenants most at risk and gauge arrear levels. RentSense streamlines their day, resulting in more time to engage with tenants effectively. It makes early intervention crystal-clear, enhancing rent collection processes and assisting tenants in overcoming financial hurdles.


Reporting & Insights

Gain valuable insights into your team’s performance with our real-time dashboards. Designed for income and housing officers, RentSense rent arrears software features intuitive interfaces that offer clarity on departmental performance, track progress against targets, and ensures fair workload allocation. Effortlessly motivate your team to achieve their goals with actionable insights from RentSense.


A variety of intelligent automation options are available that maximise productivity and offer guaranteed assurance whilst driving digital engagement.


FTA Essentials allows officers to view the records of former tenants along with those who have given notice.


Audits all payment details in the HMS or CRM daily rather than weekly.


Provides managers with a range of additional in-depth reports that help them to monitor and manage performance.



RentSense implementation is swift and seamless, thanks to its cloud-based nature. We tailor RentSense to fit your infrastructure and data sources, minimising demands on your IT team. It integrates effortlessly with your existing Housing Management Systems (HMS) or CRM system or can be delivered as a standalone solution, via its own portal. RentSense rent arrears software can connect to multiple housing systems at once and it takes no more than a few hours to link RentSense to an existing system and set up the necessary data feeds and links. We understand that data security is paramount and so all transfers are encrypted over a secure line.


Support & Customer Success

Our dedicated support and customer success team at Mobysoft is committed to enhancing your financial KPIs, staff effectiveness, and tenant relationships. You’ll have a customer success manager (CSM) and an account director by your side, along with our income maximisation directors who bring housing expertise. Together, we act as your ‘critical friend’, advising on performance, policies, and tenant support, helping you to get the most out of the rent arrears software. We go beyond financial goals, freeing up your staff’s time for tenant support, improving services, reducing tenant debt, and fostering sustained tenancies.

What our customers say about us

It has been a big help, it has reduced the number of cases we look at, and it prioritises them. It is also really effective in identifying where Universal Credit or Housing Benefit have stopped or changed. That means we can get to the people at very early stages to intervene.
Alan Clark
Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association

With Mobysoft there is also a clear sense of shared values and outcomes, they have a real understanding of the issues and the sector and bring a lot of information and data together that’s hard to access elsewhere. So that understanding is data based and they flag to you what you need to be aware of.
Chris Ellison

We have been able to sustain more tenancies and RentSense has helped the officers with this. By March 2020 we had reduced evictions by 17 compared to the same time in March 2019.
Helena Pountney

The income teams are now focused on risk rather than volume. So, they are addressing their workload in priority order and at the right time. They now realise their efforts are producing the right results and each contact counts
Luke Bingham

RentSense has been instrumental in improving our performance, we have seen a consistent arrears reduction, and they have fallen by £250,000, which is a quarter of our arrears profile is, even when we have experienced a year of a pandemic as well
Samantha Shimmon
East Suffolk Council

Success Stories