Mobysoft: the rational choice

Here are just some of the reasons why customers choose Mobysoft:

A market-leader within the social housing sector

Mobysoft’s RentSense is helping to manage arrears-collection for over a third of all properties within the UK’s social housing sector. We are a business with scale, helping social landlords to collect some £7bn in rent every year.

Solutions that improve tenants’ lives

Better management of the rent-collection processes improves outcomes for tenants. On average, social landlords who use RentSense reduce eviction rates by around 9%, whereas RepairSense users saw on average a 32% reduction in repeat repairs.

Solutions that enhance staff effectiveness

Our systems motivate and engage staff to offer the support that tenants need. RepairSense reduces laborious repeat repairs jobs an empowers trade colleagues to deliver a high-quality service, whereas RentSense actively helps social landlords to reduce the cost of rent-collection. When combined with our automation offering which makes contact resolution quick and easy, RentSense enables organisations to focus valuable resources on cases that really matter.

Delivering a day-one return on investment

Our systems predict, prioritise and simplify information enabling early intervention, debt-reduction, better collection rates and reduction of repeat repair issues – from day one.

Proven technology & flexible technology partner

We adapt our technology to suit customers and their systems. As data specialists, we enrich existing data via machine learning and predictive algorithms. This can then be fed into an existing HMS or CRM system, or can form the basis of a stand-alone solution, if this is the preferred approach.

A focus on security

Using predictive analytics, we help our customers to leverage their existing data to deliver insights and improved processes. We treat this data as if it were our own, with a strong focus on security, privacy and risk-mitigation.

Solutions that take account of policy changes

As specialists in the social housing sector, we follow legislative and regulatory change closely, updating our products and systems accordingly.

Quality advice and support, based in the UK

Our consultancy and advice is all in-house, and based in Manchester. We recruit experts from within the world of social housing, ensuring that we fully understand our customers and their needs.

The sector’s first choice

Averaged out, over the past four years, once every 11 days, Mobysoft partners with another social housing organisation. We are fast becoming the sector’s first choice technology partner.

A financially stable business

When you partner with Mobysoft, you can rest assured that you are partnering with a substantial organisation, which will be around for the long haul.

Tuned into our customers’ challenges

The income teams are now focused on risk rather than volume. So, they are addressing their workload in priority order and at the right time. They now realise their efforts are producing the right results and each contact counts
Luke Bingham

RentSense feeds into the council’s three strategic aims. It is helping sustain tenancies and support tenants in a way that was simply not possible before, and we have more funds to reinvest into the HRA to give people better homes.
Geoff Waterton
Enfield Council

With Mobysoft there is also a clear sense of shared values and outcomes, they have a real understanding of the issues and the sector and bring a lot of information and data together that’s hard to access elsewhere. So that understanding is data based and they flag to you what you need to be aware of.
Chris Ellison

Our customers’ success is our priority

East Suffolk Council – Samantha Shimmon

Wrexham Council – Julie Francis

Moat – Kristian Melgaard

Worthing Homes – Simon Anderson

Be ready for what tomorrow brings.

A RentTest enables landlords to benchmark their data against 170 landlords and see what RentSense would deliver for their organisation