Former Tenant Arrears Manager

This module allows collections officers to view the records of former tenants (who are no longer at a property owned by the landlord) along with those who have given notice.

Historically, this segment has not received much attention or focus, in part because it has been seen as low-yield.  This module puts that right, encouraging effective early intervention, and reducing overall debt and write-offs.



Mobysoft provides three automation solutions that help landlords deliver more whilst doing less.

  • Automation Integration – RentSense API Integration to CRM/HMS
  • Automation Intelligence – Intelligent case action automation
  • Automation Engagement – Cross channel tenant engagement

Automation options

This enables the caseload from RentSense to be presented directly in the Housing Management or CRM system, meaning officers work from their main system of record.
Automation Integration

This solution identifies arrears cases that can be automated, without intervention by housing teams, which delivers a reduced caseload, freeing up skilled officers to focus on complex cases. The result is that all cases are dealt with in the most effective and efficient manner.
Automation Intelligence

This fulfils the resulting automated cases from Automation Intelligence, and sends the pre-prepared communications whether via letter, text or phone dialler. This removes unnecessary admin and ensures officers focus their time on the complex cases and supporting the most vulnerable tenants
Automation Engagement

Daily Processing

This does exactly what it says on the tin. It audits all payment details in the HMS daily rather than weekly, capturing and taking account of all payments faster.

It continually updates individual officer’s workloads, removing tenants that have paid since the last daily update. This ensures that case-workers don’t waste time on low value calls, but instead utilise the time they have to maximum effect.  



RentText provides an effective automated text messaging service that helps drive faster payment of arrears.

RentText draws on the individualised data within RentSense to personalise and tailor outbound messages.  RentText can carry messaging of many types. For example, it can be used to prompt tenants to call about rent balances, or can be used to send information and reminders to those migrating to Universal Credit for the first time.     

Performance Reporting

This module provides managers with a range of additional in-depth reports that help them to monitor and manage performance – by department, by patch, by team or by individual case-worker.

The reporting portal makes it easy to analyse data and to highlight trends from the previous twelve weeks, so that decisions and necessary actions can be taken. 


Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

For any organisation, protecting customer data is a now key reputational issue.  For responsible social landlords, data security and privacy issues are especially crucial.  This is why data security appears as a key risk on the risk register of most social housing organisations.

To help mitigate such risks, Mobysoft offers landlords the option of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for RentSense, providing an additional layer of security, as it requires users logging on to self-authenticate via a personal access code, as well as via their username and password.

What our customers say about our modules

This (Daily Processing) helps prevent the income team contacting people who have paid earlier in the week and it further reduces the RentSense caseload by around 11% each week, and ensures we are not wasting resource.
Luke Bingham

The automation helps automate the cases that need a text or letter in the background, without officer intervention. This has helped the team to have over 55,000 phone calls with tenants over the last 12 months, and these (calls) have been focused on building stronger relationships with our customers.
Sarah Aldred
First Choice Homes Oldham

Without a doubt, it (Automation) has helped us build relationships and personalise the service. It gets officers away from process and enables them to spend the right time with each customer.
Sarah Aldred
First Choice Homes Oldham

RentSense coupled with the automation is helping us maintain our performance, our arrears are currently 1.76%, in spite of Universal Credit. Also, the caseload it automates, around 380 each week, is the equivalent of 2 FTE.
Mike Murphy

In the last financial year (ending March 2022) our target for gross arrears was 4.5%. However, we achieved 2.59% (£7.4M debt against a debit of £283M, exceeding target by £5.4M). Without RentSense and automation we would have not been able to achieve these results.”
Lizzie Aston-Long

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