Improves Job Satisfaction

Before its existence, those chasing rent arrears could only hope that they were making the best use of their time. With RentSense in the mix, job satisfaction increases, as officers can be sure that they are making the right calls in the right order – and making more of a difference to tenant outcomes.

Reduces workload and frees up time

RentSense can reduce an officer’s caseload by more than 50%, allowing for individuals on the front-line to spend more time on the more delicate situations, where human interaction can make all the difference. RentSense also frees up more time for other tasks, such as helping colleagues, preparing court papers, and involving others in particularly challenging situations. 

RentSense helps Income Officers to:

Make the very best use of their available time
Intervene early enough to make a real difference
Make the calls that will help those tenants that need help the most
Reduce their caseload, so that they can focus more on the cases that matter
Build better, less hurried relationships with the tenants that they contact
Overall: achieve greater job satisfaction and sense of purpose at work whilst hitting targets

What officers can tell you about RentSense

Northwards Housing – Anita Doyle

Black Country Housing Group – Tom Cannon

Whiteinch and Scotstoun Housing – Alan Clark

B3Living – Phil Drati

See how RentSense benefits all those involved

Explore the benefits of RentSense

Our flagship product, RentSense, helps social landlords of all sizes to optimise their rent
collections operations, whilst also empowering their people to work more effectively.

What income officers say about RentSense

It has been a big help, it has reduced the number of cases we look at, and it prioritises them. It is also really effective in identifying where Universal Credit or Housing Benefit have stopped or changed. That means we can get to the people at very early stages to intervene.
Alan Clark
Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association

With RentSense you feel more organised and we focus our attention where it needs to be, and we get through our caseload now, which before was unheard of.
Jacquie Gardener
Cairn Housing

I think it’s a brilliant system, it gives you a clear caseload so there is no trawling through a spreadsheet for work. It really simplifies what you need to do each day, and there is very little stress involved.
Phil Davies
Catrefi Conwy

The officers love it. One said to me ‘It’s absolutely brilliant!’ It would not be an exaggeration to say it has transformed that officer. Each week they now complete 100% of their work.
Lorraine Grindley

From my and the team’s perspective, RentSense is a breath of fresh air, as we can now spend quality time with customers. This really helps us deliver on the company ethos about a personalised and inclusive service.
Phil Drati

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A RentTest enables landlords to benchmark their data against 170 landlords and see what RentSense would deliver for their organisation