Clear returns and healthier finances

RentSense offers Finance Directors a clear return on their investment.  Once up and running, RentSense contributes to the overall financial health of any social housing operation.

How RentSense helps financially

RentSense helps Finance Directors to:

Improve collection rates, cash flow and the overall strength of the balance sheet
Reduce bad debt, write-offs and rent arrears
Ensure that banking covenants and loan agreements are not breached
Help the organisation to help more tenants out of debt
Through savings fund repairs, improvements, services and future property developments

What our customers say about how RentSense helps finance and finance directors

RentSense feeds into the council’s three strategic aims. It is helping sustain tenancies and support tenants in a way that was simply not possible before, and we have more funds to reinvest into the HRA to give people better homes.
Geoff Waterton
Enfield Council

Despite all the challenges we have reduced arrears by over £70,000 and our cash collection was 100.49% which exceeded our target of 99.7% and automation is delivering the equivalent of an additional 18% in FTE each week as well.
Sarah Aldred
First Choice Homes Oldham

Nine months after implementation we had exceeded our initial target (of reducing arrears by £600,000) and at the moment, about ten months post RentSense, arrears have fallen by almost £800,000.
Kristian Melgaard

RentSense has played its part in creating around 2.4 FTE of capacity within the team, which is why we invested in the first place. But the accurate caseload has enabled the team to lower our arrears, even when we have added an additional 1,000 homes in that time.
Helena Pountney

See how RentSense benefits all those involved

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Our flagship product, RentSense, helps social landlords of all sizes to optimise their rent
collections operations, whilst also empowering their people to work more effectively.

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