Underpinning better business decisions

The IT function lies at the heart of efforts to improve automation, data quality and the gathering of insights that underpin better business-decision making.  Above all, as organisations embrace a digital-first approach to all activities, it falls to the IT function to offer practical help and advice.

RentSense helps the IT function to deliver against all of the above. 


Easy to deploy and easy to use

RentSense is a cloud-based system that is easy to deploy, and much liked by users, who adopt it readily and without resistance.  This is because the system delivers on its core promise of making the arrears-collection process easier and more effective. 

In short, this is a software product that people will thank you for.

Those who lead IT & Transformation like RentSense because:

RentSense is a proven, secure SaaS technology that is easy to deploy
Existing customers bear witness to its proven ROI
Deployment is simple and requires very little customer resource
Mobysoft manages the deployment over a matter of weeks
RentSense can be deployed to suit the existing IT architecture: integrated with the HMS / CRM, or in standalone form via a secure portal
The customer’s IT Team are usually involved for half a day, leaving Mobysoft to manage configuration, testing and installation
RentSense is a rare example of a technology where everybody wins: the organisation, its users and its tenants all benefit
RentSense is a managed service: all updates and maintenance issues are managed remotely by Mobysoft
User acceptance is exceptionally high, and the software easy to use
Mobysoft also manages user-training, and can deliver on an ongoing basis for new starters
Users like the software: it makes their job easier, faster and more satisfying

See how RentSense benefits all those involved

Explore the benefits of RentSense

Our flagship product, RentSense, helps social landlords of all sizes to optimise their rent
collections operations, whilst also empowering their people to work more effectively.

What IT say about RentSense

Since making the move to the new HMS RentSense has really bridged the gap for us, indeed it (RentSense) was one of the smoothest parts of making the transition (to a new HMS). For us this was really important and Mobysoft coped really well with the whole process.
Paul Aitken
South Lakes Housing

From an IT perspective it has removed a lot of work. It is easy to use and implement. Often with IT systems you find staff asking IT for support or raising concerns about the system, we have had none of that with RentSense.
Geoff Waterton
Enfield Council

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A RentTest enables landlords to benchmark their data against 170 landlords and see what RentSense would deliver for their organisation