Helping you to manage the team

RentSense helps you to keep track of your team, their workload, their challenges and their overall performance, in terms of income generation and in terms of cases completed or actioned.

With RentSense, you can review workload by individual or by patch, reconfiguring either as caseloads vary. As a manager, you can check in at any point to see if team members are on track, or in need of management support.


More capacity within the team

Organisations who have opted for RentSense are finding that the system frees up capacity, allowing individuals to manage more cases, and to offer tenants who need assistance more of their time.


Joined up system

RentSense gathers data on an individual basis. So, for example, the system logs whether or not a tenant is paying rent from a regular UC payment. Rules can then be set up which trigger automatic texts (via RentText) to such tenants, timed to coincide with the receipt of their UC. These texts prompt rent payment, and improve collection rates.

What heads of service, income and housing managers say about RentSense

East Suffolk Council – Samantha Shimmon

Vivid – Tammy Roux

Cartrefi Conwy – Dan Hall

Connect Housing Association – Ilyas Lunat

Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust – Liz Stockton

Guildford Borough Council – Siobhan Rumble


Helps with Breathing Space

RentSense also automatically flags tenants who should not be contacted, as they are taking advantage of the Breathing Space legislation, in England and Wales. In both cases, the system holds the knowledge and takes account of the legislation, so that individual team members adhere to regulations as they go about their daily work.

RentSense helps Income & Housing Managers to:

Optimise rent-collection processes
Keep more tenants in their homes via early intervention and timely support
Improve team motivation: better tools improve job satisfaction
Manage team workload and overall performance
Deliver departmental and individual targets for income-collection
Identify team members who need management support
Optimise existing capacity: enabling the team to do more
Offer a better, less rushed, less last-minute service to tenants
Mitigate the impact of welfare reform, such as UC and Breathing Space (in England and Wales
Works with all service models (generic, specialist, hybrid etc)
Works with all Housing Management and CRM systems

See how RentSense benefits all those involved

Explore the benefits of RentSense

Our flagship product, RentSense, helps social landlords of all sizes to optimise their rent
collections operations, whilst also empowering their people to work more effectively.

What mangers and heads of housing and income say about RentSense

It certainly helps with the day to day management, you can easily jump on a patch that may need more attention, that kind of extra information helps the team with their case completion
Dan Hall
Cartrefi Conwy

RentSense helps us maintain low arrears as it picks up the debt earlier, and also evictions are low and tenancies are sustained, which is key for us as an organisation. It is the simple things
Ilyas Lunat
Connect Housing Association

Since we deployed RentSense our collection figures have improved by over £1m year on year, going from 100.18 to 101.86%. Our arrears are falling for the first time in four years and evictions are down. I think that demonstrates the effectiveness of RentSense
Geoff Waterton
Enfield Council

RentSense has been instrumental in improving our performance, we have seen a consistent arrears reduction, and they have fallen by £250,000, which is a quarter of our arrears profile is, even when we have experienced a year of a pandemic as well
Samantha Shimmon
East Suffolk Council

RentSense is proactive so it also prompts you to look at cases in credit where payments have not been made which helps prevent tenants from falling into debt.
Tammy Roux

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