Customer visits increased by 33%


Caseload Reduction

A short conversation with Cartrefi Conwy’s Income Recovery Manager, Dan Hall and Assistant Payment Co-ordinator, Phil Davis about how they have used and benefited from RentSense.

Why did you invest in RentSense?

Dan Hall:

We envisaged that arrears would increase with the introduction of Universal Credit. Alongside that the cost of living has been continuously increasing, and we saw that RentSense was a useful tool to support the Income Team, as we know it ensures you are looking at the right cases each time.


Youn were keen to embed efficiencies and ensure tenants had the support they required when it was needed. How has RentSense helped with this?

Dan Hall:

It’s a big driver for the officers to be out and about, to talk to the tenants and to provide better support. RentSense has enabled this by giving them more time and as a result they are making more visits. The increase in face to face contact with tenants has meant the amount of money support referrals has doubled. This benefits the tenants as they are claiming what they are entitled to the and additional money helps to prevent arrears in the long run.


How has RentSense impacted your day to day work?

Phil Davis:

I think it’s a brilliant system, it gives you a clear caseload so there is no trawling through a spreadsheet for work. It really simplifies what you need to do in each day, and there is very little stress involved,


And from a management perspective?

The reporting side of it has been a game changer, beforehand the HMS was quite clunky and not as reliable. The live information each Monday has really helped with the team management and it helps to structure our team meetings as you can fully trust the data.”

Dan Hall, Cartefi Conwy

Has the reporting helped front line staff as well?

Phil Davis:

The dashboard of user stats is quick and easy to download, it helps provide motivation, as it gives us feedback and we can see how we’re performing compared to the rest of the team.

Dan Hall:

It certainly helps with the day to day management, you can easily jump on a patch that may need more attention, that kind of extra information helps the team with their case completion.

Helping to reduce evictions

Since go live you have had 76% caseload reduction, but how was the deployment?

Dan Hall:

It was a smooth transition from simply using the HMS system to RentSense being implemented. And the training was very good as Mobysoft were really accommodating and went the extra mile to check everything was right before Go Live. We have a really good rapport with our Customer Success Manager, and the regular meetings we have really help, as they are able to suggest how best to tweak the rules and to get the best out of the system for us.


The environment changes rapidly and that can mean priorities need to change too, how flexible do you find RentSense?

Dan Hall:

The flexibility of the software has been really helpful, it has meant we have been able to shift patches and do a few tweaks along the way, as we have changed our requirements as a company.


What has happened with performance, and would you recommend RentSense to others?

Dan Hall:

Even with the introduction of Universal Credit and the cost of living increasing we have managed to maintain performance from the previous year, which is really positive. For organisations that want to maximise their resources and work more efficiently then I would definitely recommend RentSense to them, which is something I have done in the past.

What Cartrefi Conwy say about RentSense

Helping to reduce evictions – Cartrefi Conwy – Dan Hall

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