Happy Easter from All at Mobysoft

Happy Easter folks! We hope you have a good ‘un whatever it is you get upto and, if you’re lucky enough to have some time off from work, that you thoroughly enjoy your much-earned break. Before you get on with the important business of gorging on egg-shaped chocolate products though, here’s a quick heads up about our Easter opening hours. Our Easter Weekend hours of business are:

  • Good Friday 7 April – Closed
  • Saturday 9 April – Closed
  • Easter Sunday 10 April – Closed
  • Monday 11 April – Closed

If you find yourself at a loose end over the long weekend then why not point your browser towards our Resources section – it’s packed full of useful reads, handy guides, and full listings and sign-up details for all the insightful and engaging events we run for social housing professionals throughout the year.

You also might want to check out the new and improved Mobysoft YouTube channel as we’ve given it a bit of a sprucing up and crowbarred all manner of new and engaging video content in there for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve ever said to yourself “I wish there was a comprehensive video featuring a in-depth discussion about the challenges presented by former tenant arrears” then today’s your luck day as we’ve only gone and produced exactly that. There’s loads of other insightful social housing-tinged insightful on the channel too, so do have a good click around and see what the craic is (and don’t forget to subscribe!).

We’ll be back on Tuesday 11 April, batteries fully recharged and 2st heavier (because Mini Eggs), to bring you yet more top-end social housing themed content. Until then though, enjoy the holidays and try not to eat more than three Creme Eggs in one sitting. Trust us, it won’t end well.

Dean Quinn