Embrace the Future of Social Housing with Mobysoft’s ‘Automate To Mitigate’ Video Series

In an era where innovation and efficiency are paramount, the world of social housing faces unique challenges. To help navigate this complex landscape, Mobysoft presents Automate To Mitigate; a thought-provoking series of video shorts that delves into key questions raised during our CIH Housing 2023 panel discussion of the same name. This series provides invaluable insights and solutions, all in easily digestible, bite-sized videos.


1. What advice would you give to those yet to utilise AI and Automation?

The first video in the series kicks off with an essential question: “What advice would you give to those yet to utilise AI and Automation?” Expert opinions from Mobysoft’s own Elaine Middleton, Together Housing’s Janette Pearce, Dean Anderson of Settle, and Lambeth Council’s Chris Flynn offer practical guidance on harnessing the potential of these transformative technologies.

2. How is technology affecting tenant experience?

Next up, we explore how technology is impacting tenant experience. It’s no secret that tenants are increasingly tech-savvy, and meeting their expectations is crucial. Discover how automation can elevate the tenant experience and strengthen relationships between social landlords and their communities.

3. What risks did you consider with Automation?

Change often comes with concerns and risks. In this video, our experts discuss the considerations and risks associated with automation. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential pitfalls and how to mitigate them effectively.

4. What do staff say about Artificial Intelligence and Automation?

Staff buy-in is a vital aspect of any technological transformation. This short video addresses the question: “What do staff say about Artificial Intelligence and Automation?” Learn from the experiences of industry leaders and find strategies to foster enthusiasm among your team.

5. How do you get staff to embrace innovation?

Lastly, the series explores the critical issue of getting staff to embrace innovation. Discover practical techniques to cultivate a culture of innovation within your organisation and empower your workforce to embrace the future with open arms.

The panel discussion featuring Mobysoft’s Elaine Middleton, Janette Pearce from Together Housing, Dean Anderson of Settle, and Chris Flynn from Lambeth Council provides deep insights into the real-world application of automation in social housing. Their expertise and experiences offer valuable lessons for organisations seeking to thrive in challenging times.

You can access the entire Automate To Mitigate video series on the Mobysoft YouTube channel right now. We encourage you to like, share, and engage with these insightful discussions. Your input is essential, so please leave us a comment if you have anything to add to the conversation or any pressing questions around what was discussed.

Dean Quinn