Customer Success Snapshot: City of Edinburgh City Council

Welcome to the first in a new regular series here on the Mobysoft blog in which we provide an ‘at-a-glance’ view of some of the results achieved by users of our products and services. Customer Success Snapshot will appear on these very pages a couple of times per month and bring you a breakdown of the remarkable numbers Mobysoft customers have managed to chalk up, alongside s brief commentary from the customers themselves. Think of it as a mini case study if you like.

In this inaugural edition, we shine a light on the City of Edinburgh Council’s use of RentSense and the phenomenal results it has driven for the stock-holding local authority north of the border…

“The primary focus areas of housing management, specifically voids and rents, presented significant challenges for our officers. RentSense has brought about consistency and directed our attention to those tenants facing the most difficulty. Notably, our rent arrears trend has reversed, showing a reduction below the previous year’s level—a positive shift we haven’t witnessed in quite some time.”

– Joy Campbell, Senior Housing Development Officer

“The positive impact is evident in the reduction of tenants in debt, decreasing arrears levels, and a halving of caseloads. This has resulted in officers having more time to focus on other critical areas within their patches.”

– Joy Campbell, Senior Housing Development Officer

“Both RentSense and the income maximisation consultancy service, and in particular Nick Beasley, has proven to be a major benefit. Nick’s experience and dedicated time working with us to overcome challenges have been invaluable. This service has allowed us to scrutinise our operations, identify key areas for improvement, and target potential areas at risk of rising debt. Every organisation needs a Nick!”

– Joy Campbell, Senior Housing Development Officer

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the results that City of Edinburgh Council achieved and how they did it then why not read the full case study. For more information about RentSense, the Income Maximisation consultancy service, or any of our other products and services please take a look at the Platforms section of our website.

Dean Quinn