Coronation Bank Holiday Weekend Opening Hours

As many of you may be aware, there’s the small matter of the coronation of a new monarch happening in this green and pleasant land this weekend, meaning that there’s another Bank Holiday for us to enjoy! Unfortunately though, that means we won’t be in the office to do the general Mobysoft stuff we do day in, day out. To avoid disappointment should you try and contact us whilst we’re all out celebrating Charlie’s new hat, please see below for our Coronation Weekend opening hours:

  • Saturday 6 May – Closed
  • Sunday 7 May – Closed
  • Monday 8 April – Closed

If you find yourself at a loose end (or want something to do to avoid the Royal festivities entirely) over the long weekend then why not point your browser towards our Resources section – it’s packed full of useful readshandy guides, and full listings and sign-up details for all the insightful and engaging events we run for social housing professionals throughout the year.

Rest assured that we’ll be back, raring to go, on Tuesday 9 May. Until then though, enjoy the holidays and try not to laugh at all the people singing the national anthem on TV who only remember half way through that the lyrics now include the word ‘King’ and end up mouthing “God save our gracious Quing!” 🤴😅

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