House of Love: What We Love About Social Housing

Anyone with eyes and any sort of social media account will be in no doubt that today is Valentine’s Day, largely due to the slew of gushing, slushy posts being shared by star-crossed lovers the world over. So, spurred on by a couple of floral deliveries to the office for select unsuspecting partners (as well as the big, pink love heart festooned window display in the Spar across the road) we thought that we’d get in on the action here at Mobysoft and bring you some Valentine-themed content.

Rather than subject you all to the type of lovey dovey stuff you’ve no doubt already had your fill of by this point today however, we asked some of our lovely in-house social housing experts what they love most about this often frustrating but ultimately incredibly rewarding sector…

I love being out onsite supporting and helping our customers. I absolutely love working with our customers for the good of sustaining even more tenancies and giving organisations the tool-kits that enable them to provide brilliant service to their tenants.

Mark Walker, Income Maximisation Director

What I love most about this sector its uniqueness. Social housing stands out as the sector is evidently conglomerate in scale and yet still has community at its very heart. This unique position is in no small part down to the personnel who work within it – there are a lot of considerate, thoughtful people employed in this industry who genuinely care and have tenants best interests at heart.

Julie Lorraine, Strategic Director

I love that that social housing plays such an important role in creating stable communities and contributes the economy in general. A decent home is one that is safe, comfortable, affordable and with a secure tenancy.  I have spoken to so many tenants who were forced to leave their private rented homes at very little notice and this caused huge upheaval for the family and is especially distressing to children. Social landlords actually care and will always intervene to try and save a tenancy. They show love and consideration regularly and what’s not to love about that?

Zoe La Brow, Customer Success Manager

The many people that work in the sector who continually go out of their way to support tenants is what I love most about social housing. Having working in various roles across social housing over the years I can attest that there are great swathes of people who consistently turn up each and every day and view it their personal responsibility to make a positive a difference to the lives of those in social housing tenants. The social housing sector, in my view, genuinely is the fourth emergency service!

Nick Beasley, Income Maximisation Director

Despite what can often seem like a never-ending stream of negative media coverage regarding social landlords, you can see from the above that there’s a lot of love for the sector from those who work within it. It’s not perfect by any means but then again, what relationship is? It’s not actually possible to shower the abstract concept of ‘an industry sector’ with gifts to show our love and dedication to it, but if we could we’d be straight down the florists* before you could say those three little words.

*Yeah, the florists. There’ll be no last-minute petrol station forecourt flowers on our watch!

Dean Quinn