Visit Mobysoft @ HOMES 2022

Come and visit Mobysoft’s experts at HOMES, 23-24 Nov, ExCeL, London, Stand H536 and see how our industry leading RepairSense and RentSense products can help social housing providers deliver a more efficient service to their tenants.

Our experts will be on hand to offer advice and insight into how to use data to its full potential in order to mitigate some of the challenges facing social landlords providing efficient and equitable repairs and maintenance service. With the cost of living crisis impacting both tenants and landlords, it’s imperative for councils and HAs to ensure that they are still able to offer a satisfactory level of service despite budgetary restraints resulting from falling rent revenues, meaning that there’s never been a better time to refocus efforts, streamline processes and procedures and ‘work smarter’ in order to deliver.

We’ll be taking a deep-dive into the hidden issue of repeat repairs and effects they potentially have on tenants and social housing providers in light of the new Tennant Satisfaction Measures being implemented by the government. Our in-house team have also examined the financial impact on organisiations – each year social landlords spend around £6.8bn on repairs and maintenance striving to offer their customers an effective, efficient and quality service. However, our latest independent report uncovers that 17% of those repairs and spend are not required and mainly comprises of fixes to previous jobs.

Download the report by clicking on the image below and learn whether organisations focusing KPIs around speed, rather than quality and sustainability, is preventing them from delivering a better repairs service for their tenants.

An exclusive report analysing repairs in social housing over a three year period

Continuing the theme at the event itself, Mobysoft will also be delivering a keynote speech. Guest speakers include Karbon Homes Director of Pre-Tenancy & Property Services, Jonathan Fletcher, and Mobysoft’s RepairSense Programme Director, Alastair MacKenzie who’ll be delivering their insightful ‘Improving customer satisfaction by measuring quality and sustainability of repair rather than speed’ keynote – Wednesday 23 Nov 2022, 10.15am – 10.45am, HOMES Solution Hub.

To pre-book a meeting with one of our experts, head over to our sign up page to register your interest.

Dean Quinn