Customer Success Snapshot: Warwick District Council

Welcome to the third instalment of Customer Success Snapshot – a semi-regular feature in which we bring you an ‘at-a-glance’ view of some of the results achieved by users of our products and services. This time we’re taking a quick look at Warwick District Council’s (WDC) use of RentSense and Automated Arrears Prevention (AAP) and the remarkable performance that helped WDC and Mobysoft take home the ‘AI Project of The Year’ awards at the recent RITA2024 Awards with our ‘Arresting Arrears for the Good of All’ project submission.

“WDC’s objectives were based around reducing the number of tenants falling into arrears, so as to give officers more time to support other tenants, thus being able to reduce debt overall. This is demonstrated in the fantastic achievement of a19% reduction in arrears (amounting to £340,000)”

– Andy Nott, Landlord Operations Manager for Housing Services at WDC

“RentSense provided us with a robust analytical tool that helped us identify arrears patterns and prioritise cases that needed immediate attention. This data-driven approach meant that our income maximisation officers could focus their efforts more effectively, resulting in a significant reduction in arrears. The platform’s ability to process and analyse vast amounts of data far exceeded our manual capabilities, which was crucial in achieving our arrears reduction goals.”

– Andy Nott, Landlord Operations Manager for Housing Services at WDC

“The AAP platform has proven invaluable in optimising our operations, ensuring that we can proactively address arrears and sustain more tenancies. It’s not just a tool; it’s a collaborative effort that aligns with our commitment to innovation and efficiency in delivering housing services.”

– Andy Nott, Landlord Operations Manager for Housing Services at WDC

If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the results that WDC achieved and how they did it then why not read the full case study. For more information about RentSense, Assisted Automation, or any of our other products and services please take a look at the Platforms section of our website.

Dean Quinn