7 landlords and over 200 Income Officers Go Live with RentSense throughout lock down

Over the past seven months we are pleased to welcome 13 new customers, with 7 of those going live with RentSense in that time. Due to national lock down, our Go live days have adapted from in person days to online virtual sessions. The Customer Success Managers (CSM’s) work with all the income teams closely to ensure they can get the most out of RentSense and that they understand all the benefits it can bring.

Geoff Davies, Lead Officer at Denbighshire County Council kicked off their session by saying “I’ve previously had a demo and found RentSense easy to navigate through. It prioritises the workload into manageable chunks using predictive payments, unlike our housing management system. The caseload reduction should provide the necessary time for completion, action and giving their officers some valuable time back.”

The go live day went well, it was good that we were able to do it through teams, and all the staff could join in. Staff were asking questions throughout the day and the training seemed to go well. Some officers feel like they are getting through their cases quicker and having more time to do other work.”

Katie Roddie, Senior Housing Officer at Clackmannanshire Council
Denbighshire Go live image
A virtual go-live with RentSense

Even on the Go Live days, the officers introduced to RentSense were surprised that they noticed a considerable difference straight away. Kelly Reeve, Income Officer at Sandwell Council states “It’s brilliant, it’s quick and simple.” Navigating the portal with ease and their newly reduced caseload, it provided them with more time for their tenants. Donna Whyte, Income Officer at Sandwell Council comments “It’s more organised, I completed all my cases which I have never done before!”

Sandwell Council is keen to provide their housing officers with an accurate arrears caseload, and also help identify tenants at the earliest stages of debt, so they can take a supportive approach. Joanne Thompson, Income Officer at Sandwell goes on to say

“We like RentSense a lot, it’s making it easier to manage arrears. Underpayments and small arrears are now coming up, that we would have missed before.”

Delivering immediate results

Delivering the go lives online is working really well, with extra flexibility and providing a mixture of sessions it enabled Mobysoft to reach all of the Northwards Housing team across their 3 different sites.

“The go live went really well. Our Customer Success Manager (CSM) has been extremely helpful and somehow managed to deliver all the training to the team online. The feedback from the team was excellent. They are really enjoying using the new system and have all taken to it really well. Fewer cases to trawl through, far more efficient.” Comments Tracy Langton, Head of Income Management, from Northwards Housing.

“The virtual go-lives have been a real hit with customers. It has enabled them to benefit from using RentSense despite remote working and not being on-site with their customer success manager. Officers have commented how it is helping make their job easier and more efficient. And we look forward to welcoming new income officers to the Mobysoft community over the coming months as there are many more go-lives planned.” Commented Paul Evans, Director at Mobysoft.

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