South Lakes signs four-year contract for RentSense

By the time the contract expires in 2024 South Lakes will have been using RentSense for 12 years. Throughout that period RentSense has helped the Lakeland landlord embed efficiencies, improve and maintain performance.

“The software pays for itself,” comments Paul Aitken, IT Manager at South Lakes Housing.

“We were investing in other modules around RentSense to help the income team manage their workload,” comments Simon Hughes, Income Manager at South Lakes.

“RentSense itself saves us two to three FTE, and ensures we address the right cases and are efficient and a good performer.”

Over the years RentSense has helped South Lakes mitigate the effects of welfare reform and Universal Credit whilst being an upper quartile performer

“RentSense has helped us maintain a small income management team. It presents fewer than 20% of properties as arrears cases and this helps the team focus on the important cases where action is needed,” comments Simon.

View of South lakes offices by Stramongate Bridge, crossing the river Kent In Kendal, the Lake Distrcit
View of South lakes offices by Stramongate Bridge, crossing the river Kent in Kendal, the Lake District
Helping throughout covid

South Lakes were well placed for remote working when Lockdown was instigated, in March, as all staff already had laptops and the ability to work out of the office.

“RentSense, as it’s web-based, helped with the transition to home working,” explains Paul

“From a personnel perspective staff have adapted very well to the new working environment and the income team are happy working from home.” Comments Simon.

With the income team all working remotely it is important that they can still see one another’s work and efforts and Simon can monitor team performance week on week.

“The live dashboard in RentSense has really helped. It enables me to track performance throughout and compare it to the past week as well as projecting forwards. The insight into tenancies and how they pay also helps me monitor shifting trends.” Explains Simon.

Throughout the pandemic, Mobysoft research indicates the arrears increase across landlords has mainly been down to tenants already in arrears falling deeper into debt. This is similar to South Lakes own experiences, as Simon explains:

“In terms of arrears what we have found is that any increase has come from those with pre-existing arrears and we have only had 5 new serious arrears cases due to the pandemic.”

More than just software

Mobysoft provides account management teams to work with customers to help them maximise their returns on RentSense as well as providing free best practice events, training and benchmarking insight.

“Our account managers help highlight how we are performing, and the best practice webinars are a great platform for sharing and working with peers.” Comments Simon

When asked if they would recommend RentSense to their peers both Simon and Paul agree.

We would recommend RentSense, it has consistently delivered an ROI, and from an IT perspective it is really light touch.”

Paul Aitken, South Lakes Housing

“Yes, I have recommended it and spoken to many other landlords about the benefits of RentSense. At South Lakes we would not be without it, that’s what has prompted our four-year deal.” Concludes Simon

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