Mobysoft and Manifest announce partnership

Mobysoft and Manifest Software Solutions have announced a formal partnership that will enable social landlords to deliver greater efficiencies whilst breaking down system silos.

Mobysoft, whose rent arrears software solution RentSense, is used by more than 180 social landlords across the UK, have partnered with Manifest, who provide unique integration software and services to social landlords.

The partnership will enable social landlords to integrate RentSense with their housing management and CRM system through Manifest’s universal adaptor. The adaptor helps landlords link multiple systems together. For those landlords that want to work through a single system this will help them achieve that aim whilst being able to use best of breed software solution RentSense.

Paul Evans, Commercial Director Mobysoft
Paul Evans, Commercial Director, Mobysoft

Many of our customers are wanting to integrate their many systems to help them deliver more efficient services. Manifest’s reputation in the sector for helping landlords do this is unparalleled. Like Mobysoft, Manifest solely work in the social housing space and their focus on customer service and delivering solutions that add real value mirror our own values. This partnership will help our customers integrate RentSense across their estate.”

Paul Evans, Commercial Director, Mobysoft

Alan Swift, Technical Director, at Manifest Software Solutions commented:

“Our focus at Manifest is helping our customers maximise their investment in technology by providing fully supported integration solutions. The challenge many face is getting their systems to integrate and ‘talk to each other’. This partnership will help landlords realise further efficiencies and also take away the pain of trying to interface key software solutions.”

For further information please contact either Paul Evans at Mobysoft or Alan Swift at Manifest.

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