Fife Housing Group selects RentSense

Fife Housing Group has selected RentSense to help them mitigate the Covid pandemic and ensure they are able to accurately identify those tenants that require support with their rent.

Like many other RSLs, the Covid pandemic has presented challenges for Fife Housing Group, and some of their tenants.

“These difficult times are having a significant impact on households, particularly in relation to employment, income and mental health, and we need to ensure that resources are directed at these key areas to help manage rents and rent arrears, both now and in the future,” comments Beverley Graham, Housing Manager at Fife Housing Group.

At present a great deal of housing officers’ time is spent trawling through individual rent accounts, even though some require no action, when RentSense is deployed the team will have an accurate caseload thus freeing up time to support those tenants that may need additional help.

We had heard about RentSense as several peers use it. In 2020 we looked more closely at it and were impressed with projected financial benefits as well as the resources it frees up, allowing officers to spend more time with customers. Those peers we spoke with were very positive about the process (with RentSense) and implementation, and they had seen greater financial benefits than initially predicted.”

Beverley Graham, Fife Housing Group

Fife Housing Group have also recently invested in other housing technology as Beverley highlights:

“We introduced a new housing management system last year, and we see further automation of the arrears process through RentSense as the next logical step to helping improve services for our customers.”

“We are really pleased Fife Housing Group have invested in RentSense. We are looking forward to working with them and supporting them to get the most out of their investment. They have joined many other Scottish landlords using the system, and will become a valued member of our Scottish customer community,” commented Paul Evans, Director at Mobysoft.

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