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A short conversation with Gentoo’s Executive Director of Operations, Susie Thompson about how they have used and benefited from RentSense.

Why did Gentoo invest in RentSense?

Susie Thompson:

We did not invest in RentSense to reduce our arrears, we invested in RentSense to free up capacity, so we are able to move resource around to suit the changing business needs


What did you want to use that extra capacity for?

Susie Thompson:

Universal Credit, we believe we will have 10,000 tenants claiming Universal Credit when its rolled out In the short-term it is quite intensive, and we are in constant contact to remind those residents to pay their rent. To continue with this approach we will require more resource within the team and the only way to do this is to redeploy existing resources. The investment in RentSense is key in helping facilitate some of the resource required.


How has RentSense created that capacity for you?

Susie Thompson:

So far RentSense has really helped deliver additional capacity into the team by giving the officers the right cases. Confidence in knowing that prompting cases were the ones that needed our attention was the main benefit for the team and RentSense has also allowed us to manage the workload for our income staff effectively.


What has been the results so far, in terms of capacity?

RentSense has helped us to free up seven full-time equivalent staff, who will be seconded to the Money Matters Team prior to Universal Credit full-service roll-out.”

Susie Thompson, Gemtoo
Creating Capacity

What was the impact of RentSense and how easy was the deployment?

Susie Thompson:

Our performance is improving, with arrears dropping below 1% and our overall collection rate around 100.35%. The deployment was very, very easy. The biggest concern was our IT team as their resources are stretched, but it required very little of their time. It is one of the easiest projects that I have been involved with, and the care and service from our allotted Client Success Manager, who has been excellent.


Would you recommend RentSense to other landlords?

For us investing in RentSense was about efficiencies and releasing capacity to do other things. Every landlord is different, but I don’t know why you would not use something that will save you time, effort and money.”

Susie Thompson, Gemtoo

Gentoo comments about RentSense

Video case study – Gentoo – Susie Thompson

Easy to implement – Gentoo – Susie Thompson

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