Reliable Repairs Service

RepairSense helps ensure tenants can access reliable repairs services that resolve issues raised quickly with a focus on providing a quality and sustainable fix for the tenant. It helps ensure tenants receive a fair and equitable service.

How RepairSense helps Tenants

Identifies repeat repair issues and ensures quality and sustainable resolutions
Helps ensure Repair Assurance for tenants and helps eliminate chronic missed repairs
Helps improve VfM for tenants by facilitating a more effective and efficient repairs service
RepairSense helps prioritise customer experience and ensures their voice is shapes repair services
RepairSense supports fair and equitable service and dignity for tenants

See how RepairSense benefits all those involved

Why landlords are investing in RepairSense

We invested in RepairSense, as it will help us focus on the quality of repairs, as it flags those that don’t last or that are visited repeatedly. It will also help improve our efficiency as the repairs team are focused on just the repairs they should be doing.
Jonathan Fletcher
Karbon Homes

Explore the benefits of RepairSense

Our new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Repairs solution, RepairSense, helps social housing providers to optimise the quality and consistency of their repairs service, increasing tenant satisfaction as a result, by anticipating and reducing the problematic repairs that blight tenants’ lives.