Red Kite go live with RentSense

Red Kite Community Housing has gone live with RentSense to help them mitigate the impact of Covid on their arrears performance, and to enable them to intervene and support tenants at earliest stages of debt.

Red Kite, who have around 6,000 homes in the High Wycombe area, deployed RentSense in November, after investing in the solution at the end of August. On the day of go live the arrears caseload was reduced by 74% compared to their housing management system.

“We assessed a number of solutions to help us mitigate the rise in arrears due to Covid,” explained Greg Whyte, Relationship Management, Team Manager at Red Kite.

Paul Evans, Commercial Director Mobysoft
Paul Evans, Commercial Director, Mobysoft

RentSense was the only proven solution that delivered improved performance across a wide number of landlords, and the feedback from other users was very positive.”

Greg Whyte, Relationship Management, Team Manager at Red Kite

The income team have embraced using RentSense in the first week of going live, from a vastly reduced caseload to more insight that helps them with their tenant conversations.

“The team have already commented on the early intervention cases that are recommended that we would not have seen before, so they prevent tenants from falling into debt. But, also the insight it gives really helps focus our resource. Already we have found that we have a lot of debt sitting in a specific type of property, and so we are planning a campaign for the New Year to target these tenants.” Highlighted Greg.

The implementation has also helped the management team and officers giving them visibility of one another’s workload and completion rates whilst they are all working remotely.

“This has really helped us all, so colleagues can see if anyone needs assistance completing their workload. The process with Mobysoft has been excellent so far and we look to supporting tenants and seeing the benefits from using RentSense.” Concluded Greg.

“It’s been a great project to work on with Red Kite, and that RentSense is delivering on the original business case from go-live. We look forward to working with and supporting Red Kite and the team moving forwards as well,” stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft.