RentSense enables Sandwell Council to create a new tenancy support team from within existing resources

Sandwell Council has re-invested in RentSense, with a multi-year contract, having realised critical efficiencies from the system that enabled them to form a tenancy support team with existing resources.

“The capacity and efficiencies realised by using RentSense, a reduction of 7,800 cases per week, enabled the implementation of our Tenancy Smart Team from existing resources.

Since deployment the team have supported customers by developing individual Tenancy Smart Assessments which support early identification of customers at risk of tenancy failure due to having complex needs which are further compounded by the increasing financial pressures, enabling officers to put measures in place to mitigate the risk of homelessness.” commented Manjit Rai, Business Manager – Income & Money Advice Services, at Sandwell Council.

Sandwell Council has also worked closely with Mobysoft, taking advantage of the Income Maximisation Service, where Mobysoft housing consultants work with customers to help meet agreed KPIs for the organisation.

Sandwell Council in the West Midlands

Sandwell values the service provided by Mobysoft from a technical, customer service delivery and arrears recovery perspective. Mobysoft have continued their commitment to provide support which has enabled Sandwell to optimise arrears recovery work, which in return is supporting our customers to sustain their tenancies, this is evidenced by the significant reduction in evictions, from 76 in 2019/20 to 11 during 2021/22.

Manjt Rai, Sandwell Council

The rising cost of living continues to put pressures on landlords and their tenants, Sandwell see RentSense as a key tool in mitigating this risk well into the future, highlights Manjit:

“The long term investment in RentSense will continue to provide officers the confidence to deal with the significant pressures placed on them, and assist in supporting our customers in sustaining tenancies at a time of crisis. RentSense is a control measure which will support the mitigation of the risks presented by the rising costs of living.

“The value and return on investment have clearly being demonstrated since the deployment of RentSense by delivering greater caseload accuracy, along with a more manageable caseload. This has enabled officers to focus on tenants with complex needs whilst reducing rent arrears for two consecutive years. The year end outturn for 2021/22 resulted in a reduction of £375,749 (7.58%). We have also reduced the number of tenants in rent arrears from the previous year by 744 and with fewer evictions we are able to concentrate our resources on tenant wellbeing.”

“Mobysoft’s customer success team have really enjoyed working with Sandwell, and it is great to see the incredible results that the council have achieved supporting their tenants.” commented Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Officer at Mobysoft.