Clanmil Deploys RentSense

Clanmil Housing Association has gone live with RentSense, as they look to mitigate the cost of living crisis, support their customers at the earliest opportunity and reduce arrears.

Before, investing in RentSense, Clanmil were facing an increasingly challenging environment as their Income Recovery Manager, Richard Donaghy, explains:

“We faced a number of issues, including growing arrears balances and the risk of further arrears due to welfare reform changes. There was also uncertainty in terms of the accuracy from our software, with a fear that potentially we might overlook some accounts that might need action or support.”

Clanmil reviewed what systems could help them mitigate the cost of living and support their tenants, before selecting RentSense, as the only available proven solution.

Clanmil team at go live with RentSense
Clanmil team at go live with RentSense

Rentsense was a proven solution in the Northern Ireland context and we received recommendations from other existing customers. The ‘go live’ phase went very smoothly and we didn’t experience any issues. Our team were very positive and couldn’t wait to get going. The follow-up support from the Mobysoft team has been excellent.

Richard Donaghy, Income Recovery Manager, Clanmil Housing

Since deployment Clanmil have embraced using the system and can already see how it helping them and their customers.

“RentSense has enabled us to focus our efforts on our highest risk cases. It promotes early intervention and prevention of arrears, in turn providing us with a greater opportunity to protect the people who live in Clanmil homes from financial hardship,” highlighted Richard.

“We’re really pleased to have supported Clanmil with the deployment. And we look forward to working with them to get the most of RentSense for their tenants, and achieve their business case objectives.” Stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Officer at Mobysoft.