Solihull Community Housing goes live with RentSense

Solihull Community Housing, an ALMO that manages Solihull Council’s housing services, have deployed RentSense to help them mitigate rising arrears and achieve upper quartile performance.

Solihull manage around 10,000 homes, and like many landlords they have seen their arrears rise due to increasing pressures from welfare reform, such as Universal Credit and the Covid pandemic.

“Having invested a lot of time on our existing Housing Management System as part of a recent service review we still felt that improvements were necessary to improve efficiency and performance and RentSense provided those solutions.” Commented Andy Jones, Neighbourhood Services Manager, at Solihull Community Housing.

Identifying what RentSense would deliver for Solihull

Before investing in RentSense Solihull undertook a RentTest. This enables a landlord to measure and calculate what RentSense will deliver for Solihull, as RentSense audits their data and identifies what the arrears cases the system would present.

Manager looking at reports at desk in office
Solihull have gone live with RentSense after undertaking a RentTest

The RentTest identified recommendations that were more appropriate and highlighted what we needed our staff to focus on. It also provided a caseload that was manageable and could be completed within a week.”

Andy Jones, Neighbourhood Services Manager, Solihull Community Housing

The go live was a virtual one, but all the staff were really enthused and looking forward to using RentSense to help them offer the support required to the right tenants at the right time.

“We are looking forward to working with and supporting Solihull Community Housing. Like many landlords they and their tenants have been adversely impacted by the covid pandemic. Hence, with RentSense being able to free up officers’ time this will help them support their tenants and mitigate the challenging environment.” Stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft.