Pinnacle Group invests in RentSense to help intervene earlier and support tenants

Pinnacle Group, a leading mixed-tenure housing management provider to over 80,000 homes, has invested in RentSense to help them support their residents at the earliest stage of debt and reduce arrears.

Pinnacle have experienced a significant rise in the number of residents claiming Universal Credit, coupled with long periods of furlough and instability have seen a rise in arrears in some areas. And with the cost of living rising many tenants are facing an uncertain future.

Alison Wade, Head of Income & Performance at Pinnacle Group, said:

“As a result of the challenging environment the workload for Income Officers has increased substantially. We understand that early intervention is key, but it has been more difficult to manage accounts in this way.”

Pinnacle group offices
Pinnacle Group Offices in London

It is important that Pinnacle can continue to offer an excellent service to existing and new clients and using RentSense, the most effective and trusted arrears system in the sector, that is system agnostic was key for Pinnacle.

“Pinnacle is continually expanding and taking on new housing management contracts and it is important that we can assure our clients that we are able to deliver a first class rent collection service. It is not feasible to continually expanding resources therefore we decided to look at ways technology could help us improve our processes, reduce arrears and increase rent collection,” explained Alison.

Myself and my team had all used RentSense before and believe in its ability to have a positive impact on rent collection. That it works seamlessly across multiple systems and is proven in its success in improving rent collection was also important.

Alison Wade, Head of Income & Performance at Pinnacle Group

Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Officer at Mobysoft, added:

“We are really looking forward to working with Pinnacle and getting RentSense rolled out across their multiple systems and to help support them and their team.”