Dundee City Council Reduces Arrears by £230K with RentSense & Consultancy

Dundee City Council have used RentSense, and Mobysoft’s Income Maximisation Consultancy, to help reduce their arrears by £230K between September and December 2022, despite the cost of living crisis.

Dundee City Council had changed the way they worked post covid with staff working from home, and they are also in the process of deploying a new Housing Management System (HMS). As an organisation they faced a range of challenges, as Karen Donachie, Corporate Debt Manager commented.

“The team have shown great resolve and determination through these tough times, covid and now the cost of living.


Universal Credit (UC) is still be being rolled out, and we currently have 4,600 tenants claiming, at the same time the HMS is not yet fully integrated,  and there is a lack of resources. Despite all the challenges, it has not been reflected in our arrears, as they have fallen.”

Karen Donachie, Corprate Debt Manager, Dundee City Council

As well as investing in RentSense in 2022 Dundee City Council also worked with Mobysoft and one of their consultants (Nick Beasley, an Income Maximisation Director (IMD)). Nick worked closely with Karen and the team, proposing and managing the income maximisation project.

Karen Donachie, Corporate Debt Manager at Dundee City Council commented.

“The team really embraced this project and working with Nick. We implemented clear Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for the project, based on workload completion and arrears reduction. This helped drive the team and you can see the improvements In January 2023 are around £200,000 lower than this time last year.”

Jon Brownbill, Chief Customer Officer at Mobysoft, commented:

“It’s great to see all the hard work that Karen and the team at Dundee City Council have put in has resulted with improved performance, despite these challenging times. At Mobysoft we focus on working closely with our customers to help them support their tenants and achieve their corporate objectives.”