Arches Housing Invests in ‘Game-Changer’ RentSense

Arches Housing, who own around 1,300 homes in Sheffield and Rotherham, have invested in RentSense to help them mitigate the pandemic, Universal Credit and rising living costs tenants are facing.

“There are many factors at the moment that are making it harder for tenants to afford and pay their rent. As a housing provider we are best placed to provide advice or signpost for specialist assistance to our tenants, but this works best the earlier we can intervene. This is why we have invested in RentSense, to help with early intervention.” Commented Leah Montia, Head of Housing Operations at Arches Housing.

The ability to intervene early means Arches will be able to prevent tenants from falling into arrears and ensure they are supported at the first signs of struggling to pay their rent.

Housing development by arches in sheffield
arches housing development in South Yorkshire

Early intervention was key for us. But also The system is easy for front line users and enables them to organise their work with management oversight and reporting. And the implementation period is short and straightforward.”

Leah Montia, Head of Housing Operations at Arches Housing

Before investing arches spoke to other RentSense users and asked for their feedback on the solution and service.

“We were keen to understand other landlords opinions of RentSense, and we were told it would be a “game changer” for how we managed our arrears. We were also informed that Mobysoft are a responsive company and RentSense can be tailored to changing needs and priorities.” Highlighted Leah.

“We are really looking forward to working with arches and enabling their team to carry on with the great work of supporting their customers. The go-live project has been initiated and we look forward to getting RentSense installed for Arches as soon as possible.” Stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft.