Arches Cut caseload by Half on Go Live with RentSense

Arches Housing have cut their arrears caseload by almost 50% on go live with RentSense, helping their housing officers focus on the tenants that need their support.

Having invested in RentSense in late 2021 Arches Housing, based in South Yorkshire, have gone live with RentSense this week (24th January), with the project taking around 12 weeks for deployment and training.

“The project management and support we received from Mobysoft through the project has been fantastic. They have worked with us on refining the system, such as changing priorities on flagged arrears cases, so that it is best suited to our needs and processes,” commented Leah Montia, Head of Housing Operations at Arches.

Housing development by arches
Arches Housing Development

The testing was thorough and it helped ensure we are now working from an accurate caseload. Before RentSense the team had around 200 cases each, this has been effectively halved on day one with RentSense.”

Leah Montia, Head of Housing Operations at Arches

As well as rigorous testing and configuring the system for Arches, Mobysoft also worked with the officers showing them the system and how landlords use it to prioritise caseload and identify those tenants most in need.

“The officers have been really enthusiastic, they can see the system is so easy to use and also accurate, and it is not missing any cases, before we did not have this insight,” commented Leah.

“It’s been a really enjoyable project working with Arches Housing on the deployment,” explained Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Officer at Mobysoft.

“They have really embraced using the system on day one and with an accurate and condensed caseload the team are able to do what they do best and support their tenants.”