Alliance Homes uses RentSense to tailor services to customers and lower arrears

Alliance Homes, based in Portishead, have used RentSense to help them enable a supportive and personalised income collection service for their tenants as well as initially reducing and stabilising their arrears.

For Alliance Homes the focus has shifted away from process driven arrears collections to tenancy support and sustainment and this is true in terms of targets.

“We want to maintain a level of performance, but in the longer term about making sure customers have access to the right services to enable them to sustain their tenancies. We need to focus on the services we deliver to customers and their experience and satisfaction of that. In terms of metrics in the future the focus is on tenancy sustainment,” explains Cathryn Vallender, Tenancy Sustainability Manager at Alliance Homes.

According to Alliance RentSense has also helped improve performance whilst being able to consistently support the tenants in need.

127 affordable homes development in Portishead by Alliance Homes
127 affordable homes development in Portishead by Alliance Homes

It has helped us lower our arrears, by over £75,000 and keep them stable. The team have always performed well, but as we have gone through the changes of welfare reform, the pandemic and what’s coming now, RentSense has made sure we have had that consistency to our customers. It also gives us clarity on workloads and who may need additional help, so that we share the workload.”

Cathryn Vallender, Tenancy Sustainability Manager, Alliance Homes

Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft commented:

“The environment for landlords is becoming more challenging, as tenants face a cost of living crisis, as we come out of a pandemic. You can clearly see all the great work the team at Alliance do in supporting their tenants through this, whilst helping to sustain these tenancies.”