Arrears reduction in ten months


Arrears Reduction from 4.88% to 3.85% (Jun 17 – Apr 18)

A short conversation with Moat’s Customer Contact Director, Kristian Melgaard, Tenant Services Manager, and Lorraine Grindley, Head of Customer Accounts about why they invested in RentSense the benefits it has helped deliver.

What was income collection like prior to RentSense?

Kristian Melgaard:

There was a need to free up capacity within the income team. As an organisation we cannot continue to provide extra resources indefinitely, we needed to target our efforts where they are required

Lorraine Grindley:

With the CRM we had one person checking and filtering the caseload before this was passed to the officers. However, this alone took them the majority of the day on a Monday, so the team were not getting their workload until the Tuesday.


I believe part of your corporate strategy is to invest in innovative technology that enables you to work smarter, did this support the investment in RentSense?

Lorraine Grindley:

Yes, defintely. Delivering a consistent customer experience is what we want to do for our customers, dealing with all issues with the first point of contact, at the same time there should be a consistent income experience as well. So, we look to technology to see how it will benefit us and deliver that consistency to our customers, and solutions like RentSense can help us achieve that.

The most frustrating thing for the team was that there was no framework or structure. Once they started using RentSense, they would go into the system and say this is our workload for the day and it was all automated. It just seemed too easy.

More time for tenants

Improved Management Insight


How has RentSense helped with reporting, and what was it like before?

Lorraine Grindley:

Before it was a set of manipulated reports that was pulled out of several systems and transferred across to an excel spreadsheet that took time, now with RentSense it is all done with a click of a button.


How have staff reacted to using RentSense?

Lorraine Grindley:

The officers love it. One said to me ‘It’s absolutely brilliant!’. It would not be an exaggeration to say it has transformed that officer. Each week they now complete 100% of their work.

Impressive Results


When you installed RentSense you had a target of arrears reduction of £600,000 over twelve months, how have you got on?

Nine months after implementation we had exceeded our initial target (of reducing arrears by £600,000) and at the moment, about ten months post RentSense, arrears have fallen by almost £800,000.”

Kristian Melgaard, Moat
Lorraine Grindley:

It has helped us have a huge impact, arrears have fallen from 4.88% to 3.85% (both gross figures) since installing RentSense,


There is an expectation that the teams can deal with all the customers how has RentSense helped with this?

Lorraine Grindley:

We are set up to be flexible and adaptable and RentSense helps with that as officers can work on one another’s patches and there is visibility, RentSense helps us to achieve better performance, case management and job satisfaction. The next stage was how can we get it to work even better, and that is what has driven our further investment into Daily Processing.


Were staff pleased you invested in RentSense?

Lorraine Grindley:

This also offers further assurance to our teams as they can see we are investing in technology that helps them do their work more effectively.


From a strategic point of view how has RentSense helped Moat and your customers?

Kristian Melgaard:

Maximising income and sustaining tenancies are not mutually exclusive. We must support people in the right way, whether that’s early intervention, targeting specific support or encouraging them to work with us. The bottom line is about bringing in the money and keeping people in their homes, and that is what RentSense is helping us do.

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