Wokingham Borough Council reduce arrears by £156,000 with RentSense

Wokingham Borough Council have been able to reduce their arrears by £156,000 since deploying RentSense, as it has provided an accurate rent arrears workload for Rent Officers. This has enabled early intervention and provided more time for the rents team to support tenants and reduce their tenants’ debt.

Part of Wokingham Council’s longer term aims is to get arrears to 2%, part of the process included outside consultancy before they designed a plan to meet these targets, part of which was to invest in RentSense.

“The Council invested in RentSense as we could see it is a good product used by a lot of social landlords in the UK, that also provides a huge amount of data and insight,” commented Simon Price,  Assistant Director, Neighbourhoods and Communities at Wokingham Council.

Wokingham Council
Wokingham Borough Council

With the cost of living rising rapidly the challenges for landlords and their tenants are expected to be exacerbated.

“We want to focus on reducing arrears and sustaining tenancies,” explained Harrison Wilks, Rental Income Team Leader at Wokingham Council.

RentSense really helps with this as officers’ time is maximised enabling them to deal with their caseload as well as dealing with other rent accounting functions on a day-to-day basis.

Harrison Wilks, Rental Income Team Leader at Wokingham Council.

Wokingham’s new approach coupled with RentSense, and an accurate and timely workload, has enabled them to reduce arrears to 2.6% and they are ahead of schedule to meet their 2% target.

“The team at Wokingham have done a fantastic job sustaining more tenancies and helping lift more of their tenants out of debt. We are really enjoy working with them and they will also soon be using the former tenants’ arrears solution as well.” Stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft.