Social Landlords Can Now Predict Which Tenants Will Fall into Arrears in the Coming Months Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Mobysoft is pleased to announce the official launch of its groundbreaking Automated Arrears Prevention (AAP) platform. This platform predicts which tenants will fall into arrears in the next three months and automates contact to help prevent this.

Designed to anticipate and prevent tenants from falling into arrears, AAP leverages the power of supervised machine learning and Mobysoft’s vast rent data repository of over 2 million tenancies. Through this unparalleled insight it automates contact to ‘nudge’ customers to take positive action in regard to any potential accruing debt. 

AAP marks a significant leap forward in arrears prevention, automating tailored messages to tenants identified as high-risk but currently in credit. This proactive approach not only safeguards tenants from the stress of arrears but also reduces the future caseload for stretched income officers.

Key Benefits of Mobysoft’s Automated Arrears Prevention (AAP) include:
  • Identifying At-Risk Tenants: AAP helps housing providers identify tenants who are at risk of falling into arrears allowing for early intervention.
  • Automating Contact: The platform automates contact with tenants, eliminating the need for manual intervention by officers and ensuring timely communication.
  • Tenant Wellbeing: By focusing on tenants who are in credit, AAP prevents unnecessary stress and anxiety associated with arrears, providing access to vital support.
  • Improved Performance: AAP not only enhances performance by addressing arrears proactively but also creates significant capacity for housing officers to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Eliminating Unconscious Bias: The platform ensures fairness by not profiling tenants, relying on transactional insights only for decision-making.
  • Reducing Officer Caseload: The implementation of AAP results in a reduced future caseload for officers using RentSense, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Automated Arrears Prevention (AAP) harnesses the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse payment patterns, seeking parallels across the UK. This innovative solution then intervenes with precisely timed messages, tailored to each tenant’s unique situation.

Mobysoft Head of Product, Dominika Phillips-Blackburn, said: “More and more people are struggling due to the cost of living crisis, and income teams are having to support increasing numbers of tenants who have never previously been in debt. Using Mobysoft’s unrivalled dataset and AI technologies, we have worked with clients on these models to ensure 95%+ accuracy so they can take preventative measures before arrears begin to accrue.”