Intelligent Automation Helps Sovereign Support More Tenants

Sovereign Housing invested in Intelligent Automation from Mobysoft to create capacity within their income team, so they have more time to support tenants and to ensure all tenants are contacted.

Sovereign have been using RentSense for over 8 years but were keen to focus officers time on the more complex cases. Intelligent Automation takes the RentSense recommendations and then accurately identifies the tenants’ cases that can be automated for contact in line with Sovereign’s processes.

“It (intelligent automation) removes the repetitive functions that should be automated from an income officer’s workload, helping maximise our productivity,” explains Sovereign’s Head of Income, Lizzie Aston-Long.

Sovereign head office

Intelligent Automation has helped dramatically reduce an officer’s caseload at Sovereign and in turn helped the team exceed their year-end target by over 40%.

Intelligent Automation has increased capacity and removed between 20%-30% of an officers’ caseload. In the last financial year (ending March 2022) our target for gross arrears was 4.5%, however, we achieved 2.59%. Without RentSense and automation we would have not been able to achieve these results. RentSense allows us to provide a more supportive and tailored customer approach, which focuses on tenants’ wellbeing. It also saves our officers time and allows them to prioritize more effectively.”

Lizzie Aston-Long, Sovereign