Clackmannanshire Council re-invests in RentSense and former tenants manager for the long term

Clackmannanshire Council has re-invested in RentSense, with a multi-year contract, as well as selecting Mobysoft’s Former Tenants’ Arrears manager to help them manage their former debt.

Having initially invested in RentSense in late 2019, Scotland-based Clackmannanshire Council, were keen to extend their use of the predictive analytics system. With its unrivalled accuracy, Rentsense provides the housing team with just the tenancies that need their support.

Since having RentSense our Housing Officers have been able to target the right cases, meaning we are intervening as early as possible and preventing arrears from escalating. The number of cases being presented to Housing Officers has reduced, and this can only help us in providing an efficient housing service to our tenants.

Katie Roddie, Senior Housing Officer at Clackmannanshire Council

The Council were keen to extend their contract over several years for RentSense as Katie explains:

“With us now coming out the other end of the pandemic, it’s important we have a software system to support us in collecting rent and supporting tenants. The service from Mobysoft helps us do that too, from understanding how we can improve completion rates and the benchmarking insight Mobysoft provide.”

Aerial view of Tillicoultry, near Alloa, Clackmannanshire
Aerial view of Tillicoultry, near Alloa, Clackmannanshire

The management of former tenant arrears has been transferred back to the housing team at the Council. Katie added:

“RentSense has helped us manage our current tenant arrears effectively and we felt it was important to use the same software to help us negotiate our former arrears.”

Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Officer at Mobysoft, added:

“Our team have really enjoyed working with Clackmannanshire Council on this project and we are looking forward to rolling out former tenant arrears manager as well.”