BDHT invests in RentSense

BDHT has invested in RentSense to help them to provide support to their customers at the earliest opportunity and to ensure people can sustain their homes.

BDHT has around 4,000 homes in Bromsgrove and across North Worcestershire, and are keen to help support their customers through the cost of living crisis.
BDHT’s Director of Housing & Communities, John Whitwam, commented:

“As a community-based housing association, we have continued to provide as many of our services face to face as we could throughout the pandemic. We have ensured our support services have been there for our customers throughout the past few difficult years.”


But with the cost of living crisis disproportionally impacting many of the lowest income percentiles, BDHT wanted to ensure they could support their tenants through these challenges.

With the cost-of-living crisis we know that it is difficult for many people to afford to live, and we want to identify those who might be struggling financially so we can offer the right support. RentSense will enable us to do that at the earliest opportunity.

John Whitwam, Director of Housing & Communities, BDHT

Before selecting RentSense BDHT spoke to other RentSense users that have the same Housing Management System (HMS) as their own.

“The other users we spoke to explained how RentSense has really helped them, and these assurances around how effective it is and trusted by many, which also delivers what the business case outlines was really important for us.” Commented John

“We’re really looking forward to working with BDHT and helping them to get the most out of RentSense so they can offer that much needed support to their customers at the right time.” Stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft.