B3Living use RentSense to help ‘collect with care’ and achieve lowest ever arrears

B3Living has used RentSense to help them embed their customer ethos for “a personalised and inclusive service” and support their tenants throughout the pandemic.

The pandemic had an unprecedented impact on B3Living’s customers’ ability to pay. As a result, B3Living implemented a number of initiatives to help those affected.

“The Rents team have done an incredible job supporting customers throughout these difficult times. One of our strategic goals is to support customers when life changes around them, but in the last year that took on a whole new meaning,” commented Chris Ellison, Executive Director (Operations), B3Living.

“The team set up a range of partnerships including: ‘Broxbourne Financial Support Group’, established fast track services with debt-advice charity StepChange and with the Hertfordshire Money Advice Unit (HMAU), as well as set up an employment service with JobSmart to support tenants with writing CVs, interviews and so forth.”

B3Living’s new Customer Ethos calls for “a personalised and inclusive service”, which the Rents team has embraced. They take time to get to know each customer so they can offer a bespoke service.

Broxbourne district map - England UK
Broxbourne Council – District Map – the Home of B3Living

“To meet our customer ethos, we need to be spending our quality time working with the customer. What Rentsense does is cut out the admin. With on average 115 cases each, it makes a big difference when we don’t have to sift through cases. We can see what’s going on at a glance, pick up cases at the first stages of debt, and have better informed conversations with our customers.” Commented Sarah Styles, Rents Manager, B3Living.

Delivering results that change lives

The results have been, and continue to be, outstanding, and for many customers life changing, including:

  • £36,000 in disrectionary housing payments and £2,000 energy bill grants from Broxbourne Borough Council
  • The service with HMAU has raised £28,000 for 37 B3Living customers
  • Arrears dropped from 1.6% to 1.26% in March 2021 (B3Living’s lowest ever arrears)

What B3Living Customers say

My divorce plus Covid-19 led me down the rent arrears path. As a self-employed cleaner, I am not entitled to any help via the government. When the pandemic hit last year, I was barely surviving to feed us. But, there isn’t anything Amy (an advisor from the B3Living Rents team) won’t do to try and help. I had seven months of sheer hell. Amy has listened patiently to me rant, moan, cry; given me endless support, solid advice; and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. They are stunning examples of kindness.”

B3Living Tenant

B3’s help kept me and my children alive last year.”

B3Living Tenant

B3Living’s Chief Executive, Steve Woodcock, says: “The Rents Team have made an exceptional contribution over the difficult last 18 months. The team are a credit not only to B3Living but to the housing sector as a whole.

“All credit to the B3Living team, they have been able to support tenants, some at their lowest ebb, and give them the advice and direction that has helped many overcome incredibly challenging situations. We look forward to continue working with and supporting B3 to help them deliver their customer ethos for “a personalised and inclusive service,” stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft.