Staff Spotlight: Paul Jackson

The time for our Staff Spotlight feature has rolled around again and this latest edition sees us catch up with a fairly recent addition to Team Mobysoft in the form of our new Chief Marketing Officer, Paul Jackson. With a background in B2B technology and professional services marketing, spanning several markets and regions, most notably in the healthcare IT sector, Paul has come on board to supercharge Mobysoft’s marketing output and spread the message of our game-changing technology even wider. Read on for an insight as to his motivations and vision for Mobysoft’s marketing approach during what is currently a period of exceptional growth for the company…

How did you come to work at Mobysoft?

After 25 years in healthcare IT, the appeal/challenge of marketing in another vertical plus the incredible opportunity at Mobysoft, brought me to social housing.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Creative, driven, honest.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your past experience within the social housing sector?

A graphic designer by trade, I have spent the last 25 years building brands and marketing teams to support organisations in healthcare IT. I am a complete newbie to the social housing sector but I do have plenty of public sector experience which I think will serve me well in this role!

What does your role at Mobysoft entail?

In what is a new role for Mobysoft, it’s in my remit to head up all things to do with marketing and comms – something that is especially important at what is a time of rapid growth for the company as we bring even more revolutionary platforms and tech to market that are poised to really make a difference to our customers. Just some of the areas I’m responsible for include: brand development and messaging, lead generation, campaigns and product launches, website and social media management, events (F2F & virtual), PR, content, thought leadership and awards, and internal communications and the employee brand.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Meeting people, the variety (every day is different), and working out how marketing can promote and support Mobysoft and start conversations about the use of advanced technology can help social housing providers and their tenants.

What are your biggest challenges at the moment?

As Mobysoft continues its growth journey, the biggest challenge is formulating and executing marketing approaches that can help support the businesses strategic objectives through a mix of tactical and strategic marketing projects.

What’s most meaningful part of your job?

Adding value and helping to make a difference as part of a team. I really do believe that Mobysoft’s tech makes a positive difference to social landlords and their tenants, so it’s great to be part of driving impactful change in what is a challenging sector.

How do you measure the success of the outcomes directly influenced via your role?

Seeing the development of the people, brand, messaging, and the marketing assets that are propelling Mobysoft on the next stage of its growth/journey and towards achieving its business objectives.

What would you say are the biggest challenges faced by social landlords in the current climate?

In short – providing access to safe, secure and affordable social housing for their tenants. This is a huge challenge for social housing providers of all sizes at present due to increasingly limited funding available for the development and maintenance of social housing stock. Social landlords are forever being asked to ‘do more with less’, which when coupled with increasing legislation, presents a challenge.

Working on anything interesting at the moment?

A quantitative and qualitative assessment of the language and conversations of the social housing audience and landscape. Ican’t tell you anymore than that at the moment though!

How would you describe Mobysoft and what it does to the uninitiated?

Mobysoft transforms social housing repairs and income collection with award-winning data analytics.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one aspect of the social housing sector overnight, what would it be?

More quality social housing stock to provide tenants safe, secure affordable homes.

What has been your proudest achievement at Mobysoft?

I am only 8 weeks in but, it was seeing the team from Karbon Homes winning ‘Best Use of Technology by a Social Landlord’ award at the Northern Housing Awards 2024 for their use of Mobysoft’s RepairSense.

What are your other passions outside housing?

Family and home life, Manchester Utd, Leigh Leopards, F1 and golf.

What is your ideal holiday?

Anywhere in Italy with family and friends!

That’s another Staff Spotlight ticked off the list. If you enjoyed it, then why not check out some of the previous editions? Just head over to the Blogs section of our website and you’ll find them all nestling in there.

Dean Quinn