Introducing the All-New RepairSense Microsite

Mobysoft’s industry-leading social housing repairs solution: RepairSense now has a dedicated microsite, meaning that getting all the information you could ever need about the platform is now just a few clicks away!

Powered by AI and informed by data from over 7 million repair jobs, RepairSense is your ticket to transforming repairs and maintenance. Our advanced AI rapidly identifies complex repair issues and spots recurring problems, a task impossible to achieve manually. This groundbreaking platform connects the dots between repair jobs, gauges customer experience impact, and empowers you to proactively tackle persistent issues. 

Picture a future where productivity soars, resource-draining repeat repairs vanish, and your maintenance offering gets a turbo boost—all at the push of a button. 

If your organisation wants to discover how RepoarSense can boost productivity, eliminate resource-intensive repeat repairs, and supercharge your repairs and maintenance then head over to the new RepairSense Microsite today.

Dean Quinn