Caseload Reduction


Arrears Reduction in first month of use

A short conversation with Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust’s (the Trust) Income Manager, Liz Stockton about how they have used and benefited from RentSense.

What was the reasoning for investing in RentSense?

Liz Stockton:

We were working inefficiently, and it was not the best use of the officers’ time. When we go full-service we know that arrears will increase, and last year they had plateaued. To work efficiently and combat the threat of rising arrears (through UC) we had to do something different, and that was why we started looking at RentSense.


Early intervention was key for the Trust too, why was that?

Liz Stockton:

By working on cases when arrears are at their minimum means we can try and help keep the tenants out of debt, and take a more supportive role. Being proactive minimises the levels of debt, rather than focusing on them when arrears are out of control

Deploying RentSense


How well did the deployment and training go?

Liz Stockton:

It went well. They (Mobysoft) took the time to explain how RentSense works and were quick to respond to any queries. They also explained why some cases are flagged and others not, so we all understood and trusted the system,

The Vale of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Immediate results


What were the initial results?

Liz Stockton:

We wanted arrears as low as possible before full service Universal Credit is implemented. Within one month not only had our officers’ caseload been cut dramatically, but this enabled the team to lower arrears by £65,000. We were expecting to see the workload reduce, but not necessarily the arrears so quickly.


Have the team been able to manage their workload more effectively?

Liz Stockton:

The team are getting through 100% of their cases now every week, before RentSense this was unheard of. There have been several knock-on effects from this too. Obviously, arrears have fallen, but the officers have commented they have more job satisfaction, as they know they are not wasting time but they can see the results of their work.


Have there been any other benefits too?

Liz Stockton:

It has helped improve team morale, you can see that. What’s more with RentSense giving the team visibility of their patches has meant they help each other out with their workload, so if someone is out visiting or at court, the rest of the team work through their cases, they really work well together.


Now the team are more efficient, how they spending that additional time?

Liz Stockton:

The team have been able to dedicate more time to home visits and it has also given them more capacity to deal with cases more thoroughly. So now all arrears’ letters at stage one and two have a supplementary phone, text and email, this is really helping drive down arrears.


Why is the early intervention beneficial?

It helps flag when housing benefit payments are missing or reduced so we get these before they become arrears cases, whereas before it may be four or five weeks before this was flagged.”

Liz Stockton, Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust

What Vale of Aylesbury say about RentSense

Better job satisfaction – VAHT – Liz Stockton

Immediate caseload reduction – VAHT – Liz Stockton

Mitigating Universal Credit – VAHT – Liz Stockton

More time for residents – VAHT – Liz Stockton

More time for actions – VAHT – Liz Stockton

Reducing arrears – VAHT – Liz Stockton

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