Arrears reduction (in 6 months Nov 2019 – May 2020)


Arrears Reduction (in 6 months Nov 2019 – May 2020)

A short conversation with Teign’s Head of Housing, Amanda Nicholls about RentSense and the Income Maximisation Service.

How did you find out about the Income Maximisation Service (IMS)?

Amanda Nicholls:

Our Account Director introduced the Income Maximisation Service to us, explaining it would not only help us extract full value from RentSense but also give us an outside perspective on our performance and our operations.


What were your initial thoughts around the Income Maximisation Director and service, after he had met with yourself and Sam, the Income Manager?

Amanda Nicholls:

Teign’s Income Maximisation Director (IMD) was able to speak our language. Straight away there was that connection due to his experience of managing rent recovery. His outside perspective too was invaluable,


He worked with you around setting targets and KPIs as well, caseload completion was a ket criteria, how have the team got on?

Amanda Nicholls:

The team got to 100% recommendations being completed, but this was a challenge. But when the pandemic hit this was reviewed, but the team were still completing high 80s and 90s, which was a fantastic effort.

Our performance improved too, despite Covid. In November 2019 our arrears were 2.06% and by May 2020 they had dropped to 1.89%, which is around £45,000 reduction. Since then, they have reduced further to 1.80%.


Since using the IMS you have re-invested in RentSense?

Amanda Nicholls:

The board were very supportive in re-investing and at the same time PwC audited the business, including income, and the team got plaudits within the review for their approach and performance.


Would you recommend the Income Maximisation Service?

We have really benefited from the service and RentSense. It helped the team understand the mechanics of the system, but it brought that outside perspective and experience. Why would you not use the service? It’s complementary and it gets results”

Amanda Nicholls, Teign Housing

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