Soha Housing selects RentSense

Soha Housing, based in Didcot, which has more than 7,000 homes throughout Oxfordshire and adjoining Districts has selected RentSense to help it improve arrears performance. Using RentSense will also free up staff to deliver more tenancy support.

“Income performance was adversely affected by the economic conditions of the pandemic, at the same time we saw a 68% annual increase in UC claimants, which lead to increased demand from our customers for help and support,” explains Teresa Gowers, Service Manager at Soha.

With rising arrears, more customers transitioning to Universal Credit and a challenging economic environment Soha was keen to address these issues.

Soha offices
Soha Offices, Didcot, Oxfordshire

“There was a choice of doing nothing, which was not viable to reverse the arrears trend, investing in resource, which would not resolve the root issues – or using technology. We chose RentSense as it automates the checking of accounts and prioritises cases, immediately and accurately with predictive algorithms.”

Teresa Gowers, Service Manager at Soha

Like many social landlords, Soha focuses heavily on tenancy sustainment and working with tenants to avoid evictions.

“For officers to be effective in ensuring we help sustain healthy tenancies for our customers, they need more time to focus on preventative work and tenancy support. This is a key reason for investing in RentSense,” highlights Teresa.

Before selecting RentSense Soha spoke with several other landlords about their experiences, as Teresa explains:

“All landlords we spoke with highly recommended RentSense. The reasons they gave ranged from its potential to deliver an ongoing return on investment, to staff finding the system easy to work with, to RentSense’s improving of the company’s performance and tenancy support.”

“We are looking forward to working with and supporting Soha Housing. Like many landlords it needs to do more with less. Being able to free up officers’ time and help them support their tenants is critical” stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft.