Newlon choose RentSense

Newlon Housing Trust, who own or manage around 8,000 affordable homes, primarily in north and east London, has chosen RentSense in a system refresh, so they can take advantage of the predictive nature of the solution and its accuracy, enabling officers to focus on only the residents that need support.

“Covid really impacted many of our residents. Job uncertainty and furlough was a real cause of anxiety for them, which led to a high number of direct debits being cancelled as residents were unsure if they could afford their rent,” comments Misba Bemath, Assistant Director of Housing at Newlon.

As a result the team at Newlon worked with and helped many residents make benefit claims and provided reassurance that they were not going to lose their homes.

Newlon Offices London
Newlon Offices, Hale Village Front, London

The pandemic also made us look at how we operate. As an income team we want to ensure we can focus on the residents that need the most support, and that’s why we spoke to Mobysoft about RentSense.”

Misba Bemath, Assistant Director of Housing at Newlon

As a result of reviewing RentSense Newlon spoke to several existing RentSense users about their experience and the service they have received.

“Mobysoft and their RentSense solution have a great reputation in the sector, and after speaking with several other users they informed us that they found RentSense to be highly effective, and that the service and relationship they had with Mobysoft was really positive too.”

“We are really excited to be working with Newlon and the team, and look forward to helping them go live with RentSense early in the New Year,” stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft.