Johnnie Johnson Housing partners with Mobysoft (RentSense) to enhance proactive support and intervention for customers experiencing financial difficulties

With over 5000 homes and 7000 residents, across three regions, Johnnie Johnson Housing have always strived to provide outstanding front-line services and support to help their customers live longer and better. 

Throughout the pandemic, the team worked tirelessly to provide additional welfare advice and signposting, helping over 500 customers gain access to benefits and grants, taking some of the pressure away from the financial burden that many of their customers were experiencing.

As they move forward into another new year, the team recognised that with upcoming rent and service charge reviews and increased costs of living and utilities, there was more of a need than ever before to put measures in place to help proactively understand and support the customers who needed it most.

Johnnie Johnson Housing hub office space
Johnnie Johnson Housing hub office space at Eden Point

I’m so excited to partner with RentSense, as the sector’s leading supplier, I believe the intelligence and insight the system can provide, will offer so many crucial benefits to our customers who may need some additional support.”

Kate McArdell-Broome, Assistant Director of Customer and Neighbourhoods, Johnnie Johnson

Kate then added, “the value of having this insight upfront will allow our front-line teams to act earlier and provide a higher quality of customer contact and support. This intervention and increased contact will not only support the wellbeing of our customers, but it also provides our colleagues with a clear picture of where their focus is needed and helps us maximise our income, which is continually re-invested back into the maintenance of our homes. We work hard to do what matters most for our customers and our partnership with RentSense will significantly contribute to this.”

Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Director at Mobysoft said “We are really looking forward to working with Kate and the team at Johnnie Johnson Housing. Like many housing providers, they are having to support more and more customers, due to the challenging environment, so it is really important to us that we can help them focus on those in need.”