Rooftop lifts 382 tenants out of debt with RentSense

Rooftop Housing’s Income Team have reduced their arrears by £400,000 and helped 382 tenants out of debt in 12 months of using RentSense.

Rooftop has around 7,000 properties across Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, and implemented RentSense as part of their 3 year strategy on maximising income collection and focusing on prevention, early intervention and support to those tenants in need.

Rooftop’s Executive Director of Operations, Lisa Nicholls commented:

“RentSense is critical to ensure that income officers’ time is directed to the right customer, so that capacity is released for them to be proactive and support those who really need our help.”

As a result of the additional time spent with tenants, the team at Rooftop have been able to sustain more tenancies.

“It (RentSense) has significantly impacted team satisfaction, we have resource at the right levels and RentSense enables them to use their time effectively, by focusing on intervention and prevention. Over the last 12 months, we had 382 fewer customers in arrears, which for me is a significant achievement. It has also helped the team improve performance in terms of arrears and collection rates.’

Lisa Nicholls, Executive Director of Operations, Rooftop Housing
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“In terms of performance, it (RentSense) has exceeded expectations. For year end our target was 4% we achieved 3.3% in a really difficult time. Our arrears were reduced by over £400,000 and for staff throughout the year you could see the number of cases dropping.”

“We’re really pleased that RentSense is helping Rooftop’s team spend more time with their tenants and in turn have more quality conversations. The work Rooftop have done over the past 12 months is outstanding, especially when you consider the tough environment, they are working in.” Stated Paul Evans, Chief Commercial Officer at Mobysoft.